Press Release

Underground Solutions Becomes Major U.S. Distributor of Vylon® Slipliner Pipe

Underground Solutions, an Aegion Corporation portfolio company, recently signed an agreement to become the main U.S. distributor of Vylon® Slipliner Pipe, adding yet another solution to the parent company’s growing portfolio. Underground Solutions is now the exclusive national distributor of Vylon with the exception of Mississippi and Louisiana, which will continue to be handled by HMIM, Inc.

Vylon is a profile wall, segmented PVC product used in non-pressure applications that compares to other large-diameter gravity sewer products, including centrifugally-cast, fiberglass-reinforced, polymer mortar (CCFRPM) pipe.

For more information, contact Dave Gellings, Product Manager, Vylon Slipliner Pipe, at or view the product brochure here.