Civil Structures


We certified installers of Critica™ Infrastructure's Fyfe® FRP - Advanced Composites for Structural Strengthening systems. Over time, the stresses of daily wear take their toll on pipelines, bridges, tanks, buildings, and other structures. Fyfe® develops and designs materials that strengthen, repair, and restore these deteriorating structures—sometimes to better-than-new condition.

Structures Capabilities

blast mitigation

Blast Mitigation

We provide engineering expertise for mitigating blast by delivering ductility at an additional thickness of only a fraction of an inch.



The Tyfo® advanced composite system can be used to strengthen existing beams, slabs, walls, columns and connections of buildings.

marine frp


Our solutions are ideal for structural strengthening because of their high strength-to-weight ratio, ease of installation and minimal impact to the structure, existing equipment and instrumentation.



The Tyfo® system provides many retrofit solutions for vital civil infrastructure and have been used extensively on bridges, tunnels, elevated roadways, airports and other transportation infrastructure.

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Fyfe Industrial Animation

Click to see an animation of FRP reinforcement on industrial and marine structures.

Fyfe Building Animation

Fyfe provides engineering services and FRP materials for building strengthening.