Municipal Infrastructure Rehabilitation


We rely on infrastructure every day—from the roads and sidewalks to underground pipes and buildings. Aging infrastructure can be a major challenge for communities and municipalities because maintaining the condition of municipal infrastructure takes a continuous effort.

The stress of everyday wear and tear takes its toll on pipelines, bridges, buildings, and other structures—all of which can be costly and disruptive to fix.

Despite modern misconceptions, total reconstruction and replacement aren’t always necessary—rehabilitation can be more cost-effective and can bring the infrastructure up to an acceptable condition and operating standard with limited disruption to day-to-day operations within your municipality.

Municipal infrastructure rehabilitation can also be a preventative and proactive measure taken before infrastructure degrades to an unsafe and unacceptable condition. Preventing complete degradation prolongs the lifespan of the infrastructure and saves on costs associated with full rehabilitation and reconstruction work.

Aegion has offered municipal infrastructure rehabilitation and strengthening solutions throughout North America, Europe, and Asia for more than 45 years. Browse through our municipal infrastructure rehabilitation case studies and our capabilities below to learn more about what Aegion’s experienced team can do for your community.

Our solutions are some of the world's most widely used technologies for the municipal market and include:

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Municipal Market Insights

H20 Insights: Municipal Water & Wastewater Infrastructure Funding Overview, July 2020.

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