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TerraBrute® CR Pipe

The open-cut restrained joint, TerraBrute® CR, can be installed using horizontal directional drilling (HDD), sliplining, or jack & bore methods. We have installed over two million feet since 2002. TerraBrute® CR has a safe pulling force based on a safety factor of 2.0. The bend radius of 4 to 12 inches in diameter allows for fittings in new installations, repairs and maintenance.

TerraBrute® CR is available in 20-foot lengths.

Features & benefits

  • Fully restrained, integral bell joint
  • High-deflection profile gasket with field proven leak-free performance
  • Gasket available in nitrile rubber for contaminated soil applications
  • Meets the performance requirements of AWWA C900
  • Meets NSF 61 certification for drinking water system components
  • Corrosion-resistant, non-metallic ring-and-pin configuration
  • Fast and easy joint assembly
  • Rounded bell shoulders slide by roots, rocks and other debris that can protrude into the bore hole 
  • Segmented assembly requires less space for insertion pits

Ease of reconnection to standard PVC pipe at transition points


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