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Pipe Lining

Underground Solutions provides pipe lining products including sliplining and close-fit lining for pipelines. Depending on the project, Fusible PVC® pipe and the Tite Liner® system from United Pipeline Systems offer a variety of benefits. Both Fusible PVC® pipe and the Tite Liner® system can provide a structural solution that is not dependent on the condition of the host pipe.

Underground Solutions offers pipe lining solutions using High Density Polyethylene, Fusible PVC and more corrosion resistant materials.

These products can be installed via Sliplining or close-fit techniques. Sliplining involves inserting a new, smaller pipeline into an existing pipeline. Close-fit lining involves inserting a new pipeline into an existing pipeline that has been prepared to provide a close-fit. Unlike sliplining, close-fit lining requires the existing pipeline to be cleaned and prepared to ensure a tight fit between the two pipelines. Both methods are a cost-effective alternative to pipeline replacement and can help extend the useful lifespan of pipelines while reducing spills and leaks.

  1. Cost Savings

    Lining pipes is typically less expensive than replacement techniques. The process of installing Fusible PVC® pipe or the Tite Liner® system requires fewer materials, less labor and minimal excavation.

  2. Minimal Disruption

    Lining pipes with Fusible PVC® pipe or the Tite Liner® can be done with minimal disruption to normal operations and the surrounding environment. This process does not require the excavation of large trenches or the removal of existing pipes.

  3. Increased Lifespan

    Lining pipes can extend the lifespan of existing pipes by providing a protective layer that prevents corrosion and extends resistance to environmental stress.

  4. Improved Performance

    Lining pipes can improve the performance of existing pipes, as the new lining material can be selected to provide specific properties, such as increased resistance to certain chemicals, enhanced flexibility, or increased strength. Depending on the project, we may recommend using different materials, including Fusible PVC® pipe or the Tite Liner® system.

  5. Preserved Assets

    By lining pipes instead of replacing, your existing infrastructure remains intact, and can continue to be used during the installation process.