blast mitigation

We provide engineering expertise for mitigating blast by delivering ductility at an additional thickness of only a fraction of an inch. These blast mitigation systems can be utilized for embassies, chemical plants, petroleum plants, control rooms, grain storage/processing facilities and other structures and can be applied to walls, columns, beams, slabs and roof panels.

The blast resistance wall system is comprised of steel studs sheathed with an ultra-ductile thin concrete board for a typical wall thickness and weight. Shock tube testing has proven the system’s ability to resist pressures up to 30 psi at an impulse of 135 psi-ms, equivalent to 750 lbs of TNT at 83 feet. These ultra-ductile walls are easily constructed using conventional construction methods and can be finished with any type of material such as brick or stone.

Recent testing has proven that the Tyfo® system is also quite effective in strengthening structures to resist progressive collapse.

Tyfo® composite systems for blast hardening of existing structures:

  • Tyfo® FE-BR system: DOS certified 15-minute forced entry and ballistic resistance system for brick walls
  • Tyfo® cable protection system: a combination of composite and shielding material to protect cables from various threats
  • Tyfo® ballistic panels: prefabricated panels to provide protection against firearms
  • Tyfo® close-in blast: a special design of composite and steel sheathing to protect structural members from near-proximity blasts with minimal standoff distances
  • Tyfo® steel-reinforced rubber (SRR) system: special composite wire fabric

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Fyfe Co. manufactures FRP materials for use in blast mitigation projects.


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