The Tyfo® system is an FRP system used to strengthen, repair and restore masonry, concrete, steel and wooden structures around the globe. We have also developed specialized capabilities for force protection applications. Our solutions for structural repair, strengthening and restoration are complemented with over 20 years of experience and have been used to successfully complete over 6,000 projects. 


Our engineers offer personalized technical support to help with projects from the feasibility stage to project completion. Engineers, designers and material specialists are available to answer questions about Fyfe's products and project-specific designs. Projects can be installed by our network of certified applicators to ensure important quality standards are met with each installation.

Our services help clients review potential applications for feasibility and budget proposals, create structural composite designs that conform to international FRP design guidelines and codes, assist with specifications, drawings, detailing and installation support and provide quality control and design validation support through composite material properties and structural performance testing at accredited test facilities.

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Certified Applicators

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Fyfe Company is ISO-certified and the manufacturer of FRP products and strengthening systems.

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Fyfe provides engineering services and FRP materials for building strengthening.