Most of the hydroelectric generating stations across North America are 50- to 100-years old. Consequently, they are approaching or have exceeded their original design life leaving owners with a financial dilemma: rehabilitate, replace or run to failure. If rehabilitation is selected, there is an alternative to concrete and steel. The Tyfo® system is an advanced carbon and glass fiber-reinforced polymer that is high strength and low profile.

The Tyfo® system can be used for the following applications:

  • Structural rehabilitation/service life extension
  • Penstocks greater than 36 inches in diameter
  • Increase load ratings or change of use
  • Corrosion mitigation/confinement
  • Seismic retrofit/blast mitigation

Fibrwrap Construction Helps Address Structural Challenges

Fibrwrap Construction has assisted with addressing structural challenges and upgrades within power generation facilities for more than 25 years. The structures and pipelines within these facilities present many unique problems compounded by their challenging environments. The Tyfo® advanced composite system provides a fast, durable resolution to problems which might otherwise produce high shutdown costs due to lost production capacity.

  • Strength – the Tyfo® system consists of low weight/low profile unidirectional tension members (stronger than steel)
  • Corrosion resistant material
  • Long service life – 50 to 100 years
  • Fastest construction schedule – environmental permits not required
  • Save on costs by targeting areas that need strengthening 
  • Small experienced crew size certified in installation procedure
  • Low profile, smooth surface – minimum head loss, maximum turbine output
  • Flexible solution – above or belowground, internal or external
  • Safe and environmentally compliant NSF products
  • Online faster with minimum revenue loss


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