Specialty Pipeline Services


Aegion and its family of companies have developed industry-leading solutions designed to extend the useful life of specialty pipelines.

The Fyfe Tyfo® FRP system installed by Fibrwrap Construction provides an ideal solution for upgrading hydroelectric penstocks and nuclear pipelines. Insituform® CIPP products can be used in a wide range of industrial environments, including pulp and paper mills, factories and other industrial facilities.


The Tyfo® FRP system works to restore pressure capacity with limited service disruption. Our engineers work extensively with the owners of specialty pipelines to ensure that all facets of the installation process go smoothly.


Insituform® CIPP can be installed quickly and with minimal disruption to a variety of industrial pipelines. With a design life of 50-100 years, it can also be designed using various materials to withstand pressure and effluent requirements.


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Tyfo® System Pipe Animation

Fibrwrap Construction uses the Tyfo® FRP system to rehabilitate and strengthen pipelines.


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