pressure pipe

The Thermopipe® system is a non-disruptive, close-fit pressure pipe rehabilitation system. Thermopipe® is a high tenacity polyester reinforced liner ideallysuited for the rehabilitation of potable/non-potable water mainsand other pressurized piping systems of up to 12-inches indiameter.

Supplied as a factory-folded “C” shape liner, the Thermopipe®liner is winched into the host pipe from a reel and inflatedwith air. Once inflated, the liner forms a close-fit within thehost pipe, creating a jointless, leak-free lining system able toindependently carry the full system internal design pressure.The installation process is simple and can usually be completedwithin an 8-hour time period.

  • Diameter ranges from 4 to 12 inches
  • Independent fully structural internal pressure design ratingof 200 psi
  • Stops leakage by bridging and sealing holes and faulty joints
  • Rapid installation – up to 1,000 LF in just a few hours
  • In approval process for drinking water applications
  • Minimizes disruption


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