inline rehabilitation

Pipeline inline rehabilitation is a cost-effective method of internal pipeline cleaning and coating. This method of rehabilitation extends the service life of the pipeline by up to 25 years, costs up to 90 percent less than replacement and can be completed in a matter of weeks instead of years in new construction permitting.

Pipeline inline rehabilitation for refineries provides a new thorough cleaning and coating process to the market. The in situ coating provides a uniform homogeneous coating throughout the pipeline, including on all field joints and bends.

In situ coating applications are extremely effective and can be used on all the following types of pipelines:

  • Marine terminal loading/offloading of crude oil, petroleum, products and intermediates
  • Sea water cooling of heat exchangers
  • Flare lines
  • Various highly-corrosive interplant process lines
  • Anti-stat ID coating of aviation fuel lines
Inline rehabilitation is completed while the pipeline remains in place—making this an ideal method of repair for refineries to complete during turnarounds. Personnel at refineries can be confident the pipeline is safer and more reliable when the plant is back in operations.

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Pipeline Inline Rehabilitation

Watch this video to see how pipeline inline rehabilitation can extend the life of your pipeline asset.

In situ coatings prevent internal corrosion from taking place at a fraction of the cost of replacing corroded pipelines. The benefits to in situ pipeline coating include:

  • Corrosion protection
  • Power savings
  • Reduced chemical treatment
  • Increased safety and environmental protection
  • Extended life and paraffin retardation
  • Eliminates construction and hot work permitting