Internal Pipeline Rehabilitation


Left unprotected, the flow through a pipe — be it crude oil, sewage or slurry — will cause that pipe to decay over time, threatening its structural integrity and shortening its life. To help ensure long life, the key is to properly maintain pipelines. That includes engineering materials that strengthen them, sometimes to levels even better than their original condition, and to install them with as little disruption as possible. We have decades of experience, technological know-how and a core set of skills that enable us to do all of this, while delivering superior value to our customers. 

Pipelines must be protected from the corrosive and abrasive materials that pass through them. Our expertise in non-disruptive pipeline rehabilitation is wide-ranging and includes  lining systems, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) and coatings — all designed for high-quality and long-lasting performance.

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CIPP Installation Animation

Tite Liner® System Animation

Over 80 million feet of pipelines have been lined with our internal pipe lining system.

Pipeline Inline Rehabilitation

Watch this video to see how pipeline inline rehabilitation can extend the life of your pipeline asset.