cipp pressure pipe

As pipelines age, they become susceptible to a variety of issues over time, including corrosion, deposits and leaking. Problems with pipelines can cause environmental hazards and loss of valuable resources being transmitted through the pipeline, including gases, oils and drinking water. For nearly 50 years, Aegion has been a global leader in pipeline rehabilitation. Aegion aims to eliminate those issues and extend the useful service life of pipelines for decades to come through a variety of patented products and services. 

From our flagship Insituform® CIPP product for gravity pipeline systems to the Tyfo® fiber-reinforced polymer system, Fusible PVC® pipe and the Tite Liner® thermoplastic lining system for pressure pipes, we offer a variety of rehabilitation solutions for virtually every type of pipeline. Our products, services and equipment seamlessly improve the functionality of pipelines with minimal above ground disruption.

Browse our full suite of pipeline rehabilitation solutions below designed for your project needs.

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CIPP Design Guide

Our CIPP Design Guide can help you calculate the estimated CIPP liner thickness for your project.