cathodic protection

A threat assessment helps pipeline integrity management professionals identify the types of possible threats to the pipeline system. Corrpro offers data analysis, management and engineering assessments for identifying and ranking various threats to pipeline integrity.

Corrpro is one of the nation's premier pipeline survey companies, performing pipeline surveys for more than 50 years. Over the last 15 years, we have effectively evaluated more than 500,000 miles of pipeline. Corrpro has the trained OQ qualified personnel and dozens of survey crews and we provide the equipment and instrumentation to properly and cost-effectively perform survey work.

Our survey work is in the pipeline industry and incorporates a full spectrum of survey techniques:

  • Close interval pipe-to-soil potential surveys (CIS)
  • DC voltage gradient (DCVG) surveys
  • AC voltage gradient (ACVG) surveys
  • Electromagnetic surveys - CorrScan and current mapper/PCM
  • Sub-meter GPS locating depth-of-cover
  • Continuous soil resistivity surveys (electromagnetic ground conductivity)
  • Linear polarization resistance corrosion rate measurements
  • Stress corrosion cracking (SCC) investigations

Pipelines located at water crossings face unique challenges. Without reliable information, they can cause environmental contamination, interruption of water traffic and property damage. Corrpro’s water crossing external corrosion surveys are an effective tool to assess pipeline integrity threats, measure levels of cathodic protection and compliance with cathodic protection criteria and enable appropriate remediation to ensure safe and reliable operation of pipelines.

Corrpro has the necessary equipment and experienced technicians to perform water crossing surveys and offshore trailing wire surveys for almost any environment. These external corrosion surveys provide data for:

  • Coating defect locations
  • Coating quality
  • Pipeline burial profiles and depth-of-cover measurements
  • Sub-meter GPS coordinates

Corrpro has extensive experience with the remediation of cased pipeline crossings. Corrpro also has experience with inspecting both new construction and maintenance work being performed by pipeline contractors or third-party pipeline companies or contractors within or adjacent to your pipeline right-of-way.

Our technicians can protect your assets by being on site as your representative to ensure that these companies and contractors are in compliance with crossing and proximity agreements and following correct ground disturbance procedures to prevent pipe contacts or other potential damage while these companies are working in, around, and on top of your pipeline and within the pipeline right-of-way.

Typically third-party utilities and contractors do not fully appreciate the scope of the safety certification and documentation requirements needed when they are working in proximity to pipelines.


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Asset Integrity Management

Aegion provides Asset Integrity Management services for the world's pipeline systems.


Grid Survey

Corrpro utilizes a unique grid survey method to evaluate the effectiveness of a plant facility cathodic protection system by using computer-based data collection to gather pipe-to-soil potentials and integrate the data into a geographic information system (GIS) for display in the format of a heat map.

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