Open-Cut Installation

fusible pvc

Fusible PVC® pipe can be used in open-cut installations for water, wastewater and conduit pipelines. Underground Solutions provides materials and installation support throughout the project. We have installed more than one million feet of Fusible PVC® pipe via open-cut methods. 

Open-Cut Pipeline Capabilities

  • Increased production
  • Ease of reconnection with bell-and-spigot PVC
  • Safer work environment
  • Simplifies corrosion protection
  • Provides design alternatives
  • Intrinsically restrained joint
  • Chemical resistance
  • Closed system with lower long-term ownership costs
Click HERE for more information about the open-cut installation process for Fusible PVC® pipe.

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fusible pvc

Fusible PVC® Pipe Offers Simplicity and Savings in Open-Cut

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