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Aegion Coating Services offers proprietary robotic internal field joint coatings and pipeline field joint coating services for internal and external field joints in the oil, gas, mining, water and wastewater industries. Using both liquid coatings and powder coatings, we can tackle a multitude of projects all over the world.

Field Joint Coating Applications

Field joint coating technologies, services and products developed over the past three decades by Aegion Coating Services and its predecessors, CRTS and CCSI, have been used to protect all types of pipelines, including natural gas, crude oil, potable water, sewer and salt water.

Technology Leadership

Aegion Coating Services holds exclusive use of 9 patents awarded by the United States and 16 patents awarded by other countries. Most of these patents pertain to the internal robotics used for the cleaning and application of coating products on internal pipeline welds. We are committed to field joint coating innovation and continue to work on developing new, more effective methods of protecting steel from corrosion.

Internal Field Joint Coating Inspection

Aegion Coating Services also provides internal field joint coating inspection using a robotic camera. Our robotic field joint coating inspection process checks coating thickness and detects holidays in the coating, ensuring a quality product.

Coating Rehabilitation


Also, we offer a field-applied liquid coating option for existing pipelines where fusion-bonded epoxy (FBE) is not appropriate. Our rehab division provides the opportunity for liquid coating and blast and removal of existing layers. We have years of expertise in the pipeline coating industry and can provide many coating solutions that fit your needs.


field joint coatingWe have been the innovator in robotic coating application technology, pioneering the field application of fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) and plural component liquid materials to the internal and external weld area for 30 years. 

This internal field joint coating equipment consists of self-contained robots that travel inside the pipe, find the weld and then blast clean, vacuum and coat the area. Utilizing various cameras, these field joint coating robots transmit a real-time video image back to the operator which is then used for control and inspection.


Known for our exceptional service, we are confident we will exceed your expectations as we provide reliable technical expertise and support.
With many in-service pipelines requiring maintenance, our system requires minimal downtime for repairs. We can perform rehab in a fixed location on the job site or the right-of-way. Because every project is different, we can adapt to fit your needs and provide a custom coating option. Aegion Coating Services can apply a variety of coatings to suit your project needs. Also, we offer services in cases where an additional ARO coating is necessary on the pipe.

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