field joint coating
With the oil & gas industry heading toward defined technological advances, our engineers have strategically developed a field joint coating mechanism that can apply liquid coatings automatically on the field joint. The development of the patented Liquid Coating Ring represents the cross-section of functionality and consistency for a more reliable solution in corrosion protection.

The Liquid Coating Ring is engineered to be user-friendly and is easily operated by the push of a button. After being lowered onto the pipe, the Ring automatically rotates around the field joint for a more consistent result. One of the many advantages of the Automated Liquid Coating Ring is the use of the Paint and Solvent Reclaim System to alleviate the issue of overspray and waste. The travel speed, number of passes, thickness, width, temperature and pressure can all be regulated to reduce variability in the final product.

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The Blast Ring

The blast ring is a cleaning apparatus that prepares the surface of the pipe for application of the coating systems.

  • Automatic ratio control
  • Data logging components
  • Programmed application parameters
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduction in waste
  • Multiple product capabilities
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reduces manpower by 50 percent
  • Operator friendly
  • Fail-safe programming
  • Consistent mil thickness results
  • Up to 80 percent reduced application cycle time
  • Paint and Solvent Reclaim System
The highly innovative Paint and Solvent Reclaim System makes this unit beneficially attractive. For disposal, other spray systems point the fan away from the pipe either directing the waste overspray unchecked into the environment or into a collection container that must be manually retrieved by an operator. Our advanced Paint and Solvent Reclaim System directs the entire waste stream into a receptacle for easy disposal.
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