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Aegion Coating Services offers an injection-molded polyurethane (IMPU) system specially designed for deepwater submersion. IMPU is most commonly used in insulated and concrete coated pipelines to provide insulation as well as protection to the field joints. It can be applied using one of three corrosion coating choices offered by Aegion Coating Services. The IMPU material consists of mixing two components together to create a flexible yet solid solution to the offshore industry. We have achieved great success applying the IMPU material on several deepwater lines. IMPU can be performed on a spool base or on a lay barge.

IMPU is compatible with the following corrosion coatings:

  • Heat shrink sleeve
  • Liquid primer
  • Fusion bonded epoxy
  • SPU for the insulation of the girth weld
  • Removable mold
  • Chemical gel time is very rapid and provides short cycle times for increased production
  • Mercury-free chemicals
  • Chemical components stay in solution and do not separate
  • Each shot results in a consistent joint
  • Nonflammable polyurethane components
  • Stringent health and safety standards
  • Tough outer surface resists damage during pipeline lowering and subsea activities
  • Simple, quick installation for short cycle times
Hardness40 (Shore D)
Tensile strength2200 psi
Tear resistance175 psi

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IMPU Video

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