PreFIT™ Tite Liner® System

prelined pipe spools

United Pipeline Systems' PreFIT™Tite Liner® system is a pre-lined pipewith a range of supporting end connectors. The system utilizesthermoplastic lining inside a steel pipe, effectively combiningthe strength of steel with the corrosion, chemical and abrasionresistance of thermoplastic.

The PreFIT™ Tite Liner® pipes are factory lined in a controlledenvironment and are ready to be deployed in the field forimmediate use on a project basis or stocked for use as needed.End connections are available as both couplers and flanges.Mechanical interference fit (MIF) connections are coming soon.

The benefits of the PreFIT™ Tite Liner® system include overallproject cost savings through a stockable pipe solution thatputs the control of the project schedule in your hands with theassurance of installing a high-quality, thermoplastic lined pipesolution.

  • Lean construction allows customers to do more with a smallerfootprint for equipment and manpower
  • Installations can be completed quickly and easily with yourexisting crew—no additional contractors or specialty skilledlabor required
  • Stock PreFIT™ Tite Liner® pipe for everchanging andimmediate demands as well as faster shipping time
  • Efficient end-to-end solution enables installation of more than2 miles of pipeline per day for some diameters
  • The system is backed through 30+ years of business with aproven track record of over 20,000 miles of the Tite Liner®system installed
  • System is applicable for a wide range of service applications –oil & gas, mining, industrial and municipal
  • Great for short runs of pipe such as well as hook ups
  • Reusable end connection options provide the ability to install and reinstall end connectors to adjust the line as needed
  • PreFIT™ lined solutions for fittings, bends or custom shapes are available
  • Supports high pressure ratings up to 3,000 psi for couplers and 7,000 psi for flanges, depending on end connection
  • Quality controlled and factory installed application to ensure the intended design life of the project
  • The smooth thermoplastic liner provides outstanding hydraulic properties
  • Supports up to 20 inches in diameter with our flanged spool connector
  • PreFIT™ Tite Liner® pipes are manufactured using high-quality API 5L x42/52 steel pipe


prelined pipe spoolsTheflanged spool connector for the PreFIT™Tite Liner® system iswidely used in the industry and can achieve up to the ANSI 2500# rating.The flanged connection creates a sealbetween the two adjacent thermoplasticstubends. A steel spacer ring is utilizedto ensure joint stability and propercompression. PreFIT™ flanged spoolsare available in sizes from 3 inches to20 inches and is most common steel wallthicknesses. A special Slurry Flange™connection is available for abrasiveapplications.


prelined pipe spoolsThe two coupled  spool connectors for the PreFIT™ TiteLiner® system are a quickand easy way to seal the system to theintended operating pressure of the line.The grooved coupler connects into grooveson the exterior of the pipe surface. Oncebolted in place, the rubber gasket pushesagainst the pipe surface and seals theconnection. The grooved style coupleris rated up to 1,000 psi and there is alsoa welded ring coupler for pressures up to3,000 psi. PreFIT™ Tite Liner® coupledspools are available in sizes from 3 inchesto 8 inches and in Sch40 and Sch80 wallthicknesses.


prelined pipe spoolsA mechanical interference fit couplersystem for our PreFIT™ thermoplasticlined pipe spools usesstandard PreFIT™ TiteLiner® spoolsin combination with an engineeredmechanical interference coupler sleeve.A hydraulicassembly machine will press the spoolends into the coupler sleeve under highlycompressive forces resulting in a fullypressure rated joint with continuousinternal corrosion protection. The systemwill enable increased constructionspeed as well as flexibility when compared to weldedpipeline construction and subsequentfield installation of the internal liner.


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