Pipeline Monitoring


The non-bonded, pipe-within-a-pipe nature of the Tite Liner® system allows continuous monitoring of the completed pipe lining system. Thread-o-lets are welded onto the steel pipe at each end of a lined section of pipeline and a small hole is drilled in the center of the thread-o-let through the steel pipe wall only. A riser pipe then connects the thread-o-let to a valve. Common practice is to routinely open this valve to ensure that the system is intact. The absence of fluid flowing through the valve is positive proof that the liner pipe continues to provide a protective barrier.

Ongoing real-time condition assessment can be beneficial for pipeline owners and operators, alerting them to any imminent and potential issues before failure occurs. United Pipeline Systems recently introduced LinerWatch™, a remote solar-powered device that monitors the integrity of thermoplastic lined pipe systems. By measuring pressure in the annular space, the system monitors the integrity of the liner and host pipe in real-time and sends information directly to the web-based LIVELINE™ - a real-time monitoring app for displaying streaming data from sensors. The system gives owners and operators an early detection system for internal liner breech, external pipeline damage and other failures that could lead to damage to the system or the environment.

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Condition Assessment

United offers RFT inspection services through a partnership with Russell NDE Systems Inc.