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The transportation of corrosive or abrasive materials in the oil, gas, mining, industrial and municipal markets can lead to internal corrosion and abrasion in pipelines. This damage can cause leaks, pipeline failure, environmental damage and lost production.

Complete replacement of these pipelines is costly and time-consuming, but internal abrasion and corrosion can be avoided by using the pipeline construction capabilities of United Pipeline Systems.

United Pipeline Systems developed and provides the world’s leading polyethylene pipe lining systems for internally protecting against pipeline corrosion and abrasion. Browse to learn more about our thermoplastic lining systems.

Liner Systems


Tite Liner® System

United Pipeline Systems developed the Tite Liner® system in 1985. Since then, over 80 million feet of pipelines have been lined with our internal pipe lining system.



Advances in lining technology have enabled United to introduce the Safetyliner® product - an innovative plastic pipe liner that offers an extra level of pipeline protection.


Spools & Fittings

The Tite Liner® system offers complete protection for steel fittings used in abrasive and corrosive service for a complete polyethylene pipe lining solution. The thick polyethylene pipe lining is factory applied and bonded to the inner wall of elbows, tees and other fittings. These polyethylene lined fittings are made exclusively to United Pipeline System's specifications, assuring a proper fit and a seal at all connections.

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Over 80 million feet of pipelines have been lined with our internal pipe lining system.