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Tite Liner® System

United Pipeline Systems developed the Tite Liner® system in 1985. Since then, over 80 million feet of pipelines have been lined with our internal pipe lining system.

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PreFIT™ Tite Liner® System

United Pipeline Systems is pleased to announce the PreFIT™ Tite Liner® system, a new product offering of pre-lined pipe with a range of supporting end connectors. This system utilizes thermoplastic lining inside a steel pipe, effectively combining the strength of steel with the corrosion, chemical and abrasion resistance of thermoplastic.



Advances in lining technology have enabled United to introduce the Safetyliner® product - an innovative plastic pipe liner that offers an extra level of pipeline protection.

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Condition Assessment

Pipelines can be inspected for possible degradation post-lining. United Pipeline Systems offers these remote field technology (RFT) inspection services through a partnership with Russell NDE Systems Inc. of Alberta, Canada.


Joining Methods

Browse the various types of terminations and end fittings for the Tite Liner® system.


Pipeline Management and Monitoring

Learn how the non-bonded, pipe-within-a-pipe nature of the Tite Liner® system allows continuous monitoring of the completed pipe lining system.


Rotational Lining

Rotational lining (aka rotolining) is a technology which allows us to bond a uniform, seamless polymer layer to the interior of virtually any metallic structure, regardless of shape and complexity.


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Over 80 million feet of pipelines have been lined with our internal pipe lining system.