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The Tyfo® system is comprised of advanced carbon and glass fiber-reinforced polymers for use in power piping applications. The Tyfo® system can be designed as a fully structural pressure barrier per ASME B31.1/ASME BPV III and provides the lowest cost of ownership for protecting and rehabilitating the following types of power piping:

  • Low pressure (400 psi or less) and low temperature (up to 150°F) circulating water service lines (moderate energy applications)
  • Non-essential service water pipe rehabilitation and cooling water systems (ASME B31.1 design)
  • Safety-related service water pipelining and rehabilitation (ASME BPV III)
  • 30-inch minimum ID for man-entry or trenchless applications on horizontal, diagonal and vertical pipe
  • Repair/replacement of Class 3 metallic buried piping systems
  • No digging (trenching) for man-entry pipe applications
  • Speed of installation
  • Small crew size
  • Low impact to facility function during or outside outage
  • Can be constructed in confined spaces with a small project footprint
  • Regain original strength and/or add capacity to structure
  • Extend the life of the structure (50- to 100-year design life)
  • No hot work required during installation
  • Corrosion mitigation for concrete and steel pipe
  • Safe and environmentally compliant products and installation process


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