field joint coating

Aegion Coating Services engineers, designs, builds and services its own fleet of coating equipment. With more than 30 years of experience, Aegion Coatings Services has applied anti-corrosion coating to over two million field joints worldwide and is home to the world's largest fleet of field joint coating systems.

Field Joint Coating Description

The field joint, or the bare part of the pipeline surrounding the weld area, is extremely susceptible to corrosion. Aegion Coating Services provides the finest equipment and personnel to apply field joint coatings along the right-of-way or on offshore lay vessels. 

Aegion Coating Services

ID Field Joint Coating
1801-A  N 170th E Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74116


OD Field Joint Coating
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  • Turnkey coating solutions
  • Coating equipment rentals
  • Blasting (manual/automatic)
  • Rehabilitation, recoat and overcoat
  • Highly trained technicians and field crews
  • Onsite training and technical support
  • Insulation applications
  • Material supply
  • Custom solutions
  • Single layer fusion bonded epoxy (FBE)
  • Dual layer fusion bonded epoxy (FBE)
  • Polyurethane field joint infill (PUF)
  • Solid polyurethane infill (SPU)
  • Heat shrink sleeves (HSS)
  • Wide sheet 3-layer PE or PP field joint coatings
  • Gatorback concrete infill containers

coating equipmentAegion Coating Services' wide array of specialized equipment allows it to participate in a variety of coating and field service projects. The ATCAT, or all-terrain coating application transportation, is used to transport all necessary coating equipment down the pipeline right-of-way.

blast ringThe blast ring is a cleaning apparatus that prepares the surface of the pipe for application of the coating systems. This machine achieves industry cleanliness standards as well as meets customer specification requirements. In situations where blast recovery is required, the blast ring is coupled with a blast recovery system to filter the blast media and minimize dust.

Benefits of the blast ring:

  • Saves money through reduced waste and recycling of blast media
  • Decreases environmental and safety hazards
  • Provides the same blasting performance as a line plant system