External Field Pipe Coating

Maintaining your pipeline’s integrity is of the utmost importance. External pipe coating is one of the most reliable corrosion prevention methods and gives the pipeline a consistent protective lining that will save it from the damaging effects of corrosion. Pipelines can run above and underground or they can be immersed in fresh or salt water. External pipeline coatings must be engineered to withstand a wide variety of environmental conditions.

Aegion Coating Services provides a variety of products and services for outside pipe coating including automated blasting, field services, equipment capabilities and FBE coating solutions.

Why Aegion Coating Services?

We have worked diligently over the years to create, implement, and continually improve our comprehensive safety, quality, and technician training programs. Our knowledgeable team works closely with all project stakeholders to provide timely, safe and cost-effective solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations. In addition, our field-based programs are capably managed from a safety, environmental, regulatory compliance and risk mitigation perspective.Aegion prides itself on innovative technologies and market-leading expertise to maintain, rehabilitate, and strengthen infrastructure around the world.

FBE coating
FBE Field Coating

Aegion Coating Services has coated over two million field joints worldwide.


Aegion Coating Services

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HDPU Mechanical Joint Infill

Our mechanical joint infill system is formulated without hydrocarbon solvents for a safer product.

IMPU Video

Click here to watch the injection-molded polyurethane (IMPU) application process.