Coating Rehabilitation and Maintenance Services


Aegion Coating Services has built a reputation by providing quality coating application equipment to the oil and gas industry. We offer the right solution to repair and maintain the corrosion coating for below and aboveground pipelines. With our expertise and knowledge of various coating systems, we can provide a wide range of coating services to extend your asset's life.


Line Pipe UV Protection and Whitewash

  • Pressure wash / high-pressure air-pipe clean off
  • Application of thin film UV protectant coating for FBE and RO coated line pipe
  • Clear coat stencil protection
  • Pipe cap installation

Belowground Coating Repair / Rehab

  • Mobile abrasive blasting equipment
  • Mobile plural component spray rigs
  • Spray or brush applied 100% solids liquid epoxy coating
  • Qualified to spray coatings from all major manufacturers

Aboveground Coating Repair / Maintenance

  • Mobile abrasive blasting equipment
  • Application of two-layer and three-layer coating systems
  • Conventional and airless spray systems
  • Manual excavation of small areas
  • Soil-to-air transition wraps and coatings
  • Pipe clamp recoats
  • Wear pad installation
  • Hoarding capabilities



Aegion Coating Services

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