Aegion Coating Services has built and maintained its fleet of coating equipment since 1983. For over 30 years, ACS has created a vast supply of rental equipment tailored to any project's needs. As a result, ACS owns and operates one of the largest equipment coating fleets in the world. The simplicity and ease of ACS' coating equipment allow both beginners and longtime users to learn and operate rental equipment for any coating project efficiently.

ACS's experienced technicians can teach and qualify coating crews with all levels of experience on adequately using and maintaining rental equipment within 2-3 days onsite.


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Rental Fleet

  • Induction generators (75 Kw and 150 Kw)
  • Induction coils built per project requirements
  • Powder rings built per project requirements
  • Dual fluid beds for multilayer applications
  • Coating transport vehicles (ATCATs and Marookas)

Pre- and Post-Induction Heating

  • Induction generators (75 Kw and 160 Kw)
  • Inverters: 100% duty cycle (150 Kw and 300 Kw)
  • Air-cooled induction coils

Fusion-Bonded Epoxy Coating Equipment

  • Powder rings ( 4 to 48-inch diameters)
  • Dual fluid beds
    • Can accommodate materials used for singer-layer or multilayer coatings
  • Flocking units
  • Vacuum powder units (powder reclaim)
  • Mainline bundles
    • Everything included to properly hear and coat girth welds

Flame Spray Units

  • Three-layer polypropylene
    • Gun sizes to accommodate line pipe repair or girth weld coating
  • Three-layer polyethylene
    • Gun sizes to accommodate line pipe repair or girth weld coating

Automated Liquid Ring

  • Automated liquid epoxy application rings to accommodate various pipe diameters
  • Material reclaim systems to limit material overspray
  • Self-contained pump hoses

Coating Transport

  • ATCATs with crane (all-terrain coating application transports)
  • Marookas
  • Panthers
  • Tracked crawlers trailers

Material Sales

  • Fusion-bonded epoxy powders
  • Abrasion-resistant overcoat powders
  • 100% solid liquid epoxies (brush and spray kits)
  • Aboveground coating systems



Aegion Coating Services

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