MTube Integra® Pull-In CIPP Liners

pull-in cipp

Reduce your installation costs and improve your operational efficiency with MTube Integra® CIPP – the pull-in and inflate liner from Manufactured Technologies Corporation (MTC). Backed by more than 50 years of industry expertise and product development, MTC is proud to offer this cost-effective CIPP solution that allows for better utilization of your time, materials and equipment. Ideal for the rehabilitation of deteriorating small-diameter sanitary and storm sewers, MTube Integra® CIPP consistently meets or exceeds the standards specified in ASTM F1743.

Additional benefits:

  • Increased productivity = increased profitability
  • Simplified ordering logistics and more flexibility
  • Lower capital investment on equipment purchase
  • Ideal way for fold and form installers to enter CIPP business
  • Lower freight costs

MTC is committed to providing the marketplace with the highest quality CIPP tubing at affordable prices. Like all of our liners, MTube Integra® CIPP is manufactured in an ISO:9001:2008 certified facility and undergoes more than 25 stringent quality checks for weight, thickness, density, strength and elongation. This results in a tube with fewer defects and superior uniformity.

MTube Integra®  CIPP is installed using a pull-in process, which means reduced stress on the tube as compared to other methods, a smaller jobsite footprint and decreased installation time.

  • Step 1: MTube Integra® CIPP must be wet out (impregnated with resin) before installation.
  • Step 2: Using a pull-in method, the resin saturated liner is inserted into an existing sanitary or storm sewer. Air is used to inflate the tube and steam cures the resin to form a tight-fitting, jointless and corrosion resistant replacement pipe.
  • Step 3: Before reinstating the sewer pipeline, service laterals must be restored and the rehabilitated pipe inspected by closed-circuit TV.


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