Cathodic Protection Grid Survey


Your facility is the heart of your business and keeping it freefrom shutdowns and high maintenance costs will increasethe safety of your people, profitability and help secure yourcompany’s future.

Because plant piping networks are a complex maze ofinterconnects, using typical pipeline cathodic protection surveytechniques will not provide actionable data. Corrpro utilizes aunique grid survey method to evaluate the effectiveness of aplant facility cathodic protection system, which also helps locateunintentional shorts, grounds and process piping interconnectsso you can plan remediation activities before they progress tolarger problems.

Grid Survey

The process uses computer-based data collection to gatherpipe-to-soil potentials referenced to a specific point in thefacility. Measurements are taken in a grid pattern and integratedinto a geographic information system (GIS) for display in theformat of a heat map.

A plant facility uses a network of buried piping and other buriedstructures, and surface soil potentials represent an averagingeffect of all influences near the measurement point. It would beextremely challenging to draw conclusions from this data whileviewing it in numeric format. However, displaying it as a heat mapmakes spotting anomalies easy.

Your facility is subdivided into an appropriate set of panels to allowthe work to be completed in stages. Each test panel’s location andorientation within the plant are documented. While panel sizes canbe different for different facilities, spacing between data collectionpoints is always the same. This enables reassembly of multiplepanels into a large map for the entire facility.

The survey can be completed with the cathodic protection systemon, off or interrupted, depending on which information is mostimportant. Thresholds are set and assigned specific colors toenable fast detection.

Everything is then graphically displayed in an easy to understandheat map for analysis.

  • Identify areas that do not demonstrate adequatecathodic protection.
  • Locate unintentional shorts, grounds and interconnects.
  • Select and prioritize plant locations for excavation anddirect examination.



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