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cathodic protection
Corrpro provides a variety of monitoring and inspection services for cathodic protection systems. In addition to the design and installation of CP systems, Corrpro's trained technicians provide surveys, non-destructive testing and other services to monitor the efficiency, productivity and output of CP systems. This is integral to any CP program and ensures the continued operation of your facility.

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Corrpro provides annual monitoring to all types of industrial, federal and municipal facilities and structures with cathodic protection systems. Chemical plants, refineries, power plants and pipelines all require annual surveys to monitor the productivity of a CP system and to confirm that output is in line with the system's original design. This helps ensure that the system will continually run at an optimum level and will not subject structures to degradation and corrosion.

Our NACE certified technicians can provide monitoring for cathodic protection systems that meets your unique requirements.

Corrpro's wide ranging coating related services include engineering for coating system selection, coating inspection, research on novel coating formulations and more.  As one of the nation's premier coating inspection companies, Corrpro offers services for pipelines in extreme environments, bridge/tunnel structures in urban areas and marine vessels traveling the world.

Corrpro provides coating selection and design information for major industrial activities, private manufacturers and the military. This design work includes coating evaluation, specifications, application procedures, QA processes and more.

Even the best protective coating systems will fail prematurely if not properly applied. Protective coatings are essentially purchased unassembled–their ultimate performance is largely dependent upon the quality with which they are installed. In fact, the majority of premature failures are attributed not to improper surface preparation and coating application but to faulty coating materials.

The role of the Corrpro coatings inspector is to ensure that the coating manufacturer's instructions are followed and specified requirements are achieved. In this way, the performance of a coatings system can be optimized and the design service life attained. This quality-assured approach maximizes return on investments by providing the lowest possible life cycle costs for a coatings system when calculated on a cost-per-year basis.

Corrpro's NACE International trained and certified inspectors utilize a comprehensive assortment of state-of-the-art test instrumentation and equipment to verify and document compliance with your specification requirements. 

The major quality inspection points typically include the following criteria:

  • Contamination and structural defects have been removed from the substrate prior to surface preparation operations.
  • Weather conditions are within the specified tolerances.
  • The surface preparation and coatings application equipment are adequate to produce the desired results, considering the project scope and conditions of work.
  • The surface preparation is achieving the specified results with respect to cleanliness and surface roughness.
  • The coatings materials are as specified.
  • The coatings are properly mixed and applied in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and specifications' requirements.
  • The coatings system has been applied to the specified dry film thickness and is free from unallowable defects.

Other value-added benefits of inspection include problem avoidance through timely identification and resolution of concerns, improved communication through detailed daily reports, tracking of nonconforming work and complete documented history of the work performed.

For most facility owners, protective coatings systems represent a significant financial investment that clearly warrants a dedicated and comprehensive quality assurance effort to ensure that their investment is successful. In contrast, the consequences of premature coatings failures can be far-reaching and generally result in damages several times that of the original installation cost due to impacts on operations, lost revenues, damage to the physical asset and complete removal and replacement of the failed coatings.

Although coating selection is a critical factor, today's high-performance protective coatings systems are complex materials that can be difficult to apply and unforgiving of the many variables associated with their installation. A full-time Corrpro coatings inspector is the single best investment that can be made toward preventing costly premature coatings failures.

Corrpro provides third-party onsite inspection services and corrosion surveys for quality assurance and failure analysis of coatings and metallic industrial structures, military equipment, bridges and marine facilities.