Installation Services

Corrpro supplies full turnkey cathodic protection systems. We also offer fully trained construction crews throughout the U.S. and Canada. Corrpro's construction team has the expertise to install galvanic and impressed current cathodic protection systems on piping networks, refinery/chemical plant structures, storage tanks and marine structures to preserve assets and protect the environment.

Our field staff of over 100 construction employees includes project managers, superintendents, foremen, operators and laborers. Corrpro operates 10 drill rigs, 12 auger units, 8 vacuum excavation units and all the required support equipment (water trucks, cable plows, backhoes, trenchers, etc.) to meet our U.S. customer construction requirements. All personnel have the required in-house OSHA safety training, OQ certifications, local/national safety council training and adhere to a strict DOT drug testing policy.   

Browse the categories below to learn more about the types of cathodic protection systems we install.

CP Installation Services

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HVAC and HVDC Mitigation Services

Corrpro not only designs AC mitigation systems but has the construction teams and equipment to complete the installation of these essential corrosion/hazard mitigation systems within the highly complete joint utility corridors.

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Concrete Services

Corrpro provides extensive corrosion engineering services and concrete cathodic protection services, systems and materials for steel reinforced concrete structures including bridges, parking garages, buildings and marine structures, such as piers and wharves. Our fully qualified staff provides engineering, research, inspection and other consulting services from our 30+ worldwide offices.

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Vacuum Excavation

Corrpro offers cost-effective, safe and efficient vacuum excavation services for various applications. Air can typically dig faster than water, automating the potholing process. Using an air-vacuum system, Corrpro crews can dig a 12-inch x 12-inch x 5-foot deep pothole in most soils in just 15 minutes.

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Linear anode systems allow for localized CP current in hard-to-protect areas. Corrpro has installed more than 100 miles of CorrFlex® linear anode systems along pipeline networks. Our construction personnel are certified to operate in close proximity to pipelines and utilize plowing/boring equipment where required.

Corrpro has the ability to turnkey these types of installations with superior project management, in-house material manufacturing and a trained workforce to accomplish each project. Corrpro operates eight auger units capable of installing surface bed/shallow groundbed systems throughout the United States.

The construction staff operating this equipment is well versed and trained on these units and receives safety training at least annually.