Asset Integrity Management (AIM) Portal

asset integrity management

The Asset Integrity Management (AIM) Portal is a web-based system that allows our customers to access the data that we collect on their behalf. The portal provides a comprehensive set of analytical “apps” that help transform data into information and then use that information to analyze and solve problems.

The AIM Portal accelerates the delivery of data to you, helping you more quickly assess areas that need remediation as well as making it easier for you to meet reporting and regulatory compliance requirements. It can also highlight existing problems on your pipeline, helping you to prioritize where your integrity dollars should be spent. With the increased regulatory emphasis on the management and integration of integrity data, it is now much more important to have traceable, verifiable, and complete records. The AIM Portal helps customers fill in gaps where their own systems may be lacking data.

Check out our AIM Portal to see how we can help accelerate the delivery of data and save you money. 

Asset Integrity Management

Aegion provides Asset Integrity Management services for the world's pipeline systems.

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