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For decades, Corrpro has been a global leader in people-powered cathodic protection, providing turnkey solutions to maintain the integrity of infrastructure within the oil & gas, water/wastewater and energy production industries.Corrpro is a full-service provider of cathodic protection solutions, combining corrosion engineering services, installation, and monitoring with state-of-the art products to extend the useful life of resources support infrastructure.To solve all your corrosion needs and ensure lasting protection, turn to Corrpro.

What Is Cathodic Protection?

Metals, by nature are susceptible to corrosion over time. Cathodic protection is simply a means of preventing corrosion of a metal surface by converting anodic properties of metal to cathodic (a passive state) through electrical DC currents. Through this process, a cathodic protection system will transfer corrosion forming properties from the protected surface to a linked sacrificial anode with more active properties, thus corrosion activity is limited to the sacrificial anode rather than the protected surface.

Cathodic protection systems are commonly used to prevent corrosion on water or fuel pipelines made from steel, but are also used in above-ground structures, such as pier piles, boat hulls, offshore oil platforms, wind farms and even in-home water heaters and are typically designed to last for over 30-years.

Benefits of Cathodic Protection

Cathodic protection is a proven corrosion control method with several advantages. Cathodic protection systems:

  • Control corrosion before it can begin to form
  • Has been proven in thousands of applications worldwide
  • Is scientifically proven• Is economical to install and maintain
  • Prevents costly project restoration later in life
  • Can be measured for effectiveness

Corrosion can destroy the integrity of infrastructure. Cathodic protection helps to prevent corrosion before it happens.

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