We strive to provide consistent safety and quality throughout all aspects of business.

Aegion is a multinational company involved in the protection, rehabilitation, engineering and design of infrastructure projects for a wide range of industries.

Aegion and its subsidiaries are in the business of making sure these structures last. We provide services and solutions to protect, strengthen and maintain them - inside and out - before, during and after construction.

  • Aegion Coating Services provides robotic field joint coating around the globe.

  • Aegion provides asset integrity management services for the world's pipeline systems.

  • Fyfe Co. manufactures the Tyfo® system for use in blast mitigation projects.

  • Aegion is ISO-certified to provide exceptional quality CIPP for your project.

  • Installation of Insituform® CIPP using the air-inversion steam-cure method.

  • Our mechanical joint infill system is formulated without hydrocarbon solvents for a safer product.

  • Fyfe provides engineering services and fiber-reinforced polymer materials for building strengthening.

  • fieldjoint coating

    Aegion Coating Services boasts an innovative robotic coatings application for oil & gas pipelines.

  • bridge reinforcement

    The Tyfo® system can be used to reinforce bridges, buildings and other civil structures.

  • Click to see an animation of FRP reinforcement on industrial and marine structures.

  • Watch this video to see how pipeline inline rehabilitation can extend the life of your pipeline asset.

  • Installation of large-diameter cured-in-place pipe.

  • Aegion Coating Services provides robotic coating solutions for offshore facilities.

  • tite liner

    Over 80 million feet of pipelines have been lined with the Tite Liner® thermoplastic pipe lining system.