Tyfo® CIS - Layer 1


A single-component, colorless liquid, Tyfo® CIS Layer 1 is the corrosion inhibitor vapor phase of the Tyfo® concrete repair system. This layer will sublimate and permeate the concrete as a gas and distribute itself uniformly to form a passive film on the corroded reinforcing steel. This layer is delivered in a liquid form and spray-applied over the concrete area. Layer 1 is applied to the exposed surfaces as required. The Tyfo® CIS Layer 1 application is followed by the Tyfo® CIS Layer 2 application. After receiving both Layers 1 and 2, the exposed surfaces are cleaned by washing with fresh water or by abrasive blasting. All exposed steel is then treated with the Tyfo® CB material and the concrete section is restored using Tyfo® P or Tyfo® PF as required.


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