ThermOweld® ThermOcap

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cathodic protection materials

thermOweld®’s Ci thermOcap and Ci thermOcap PC are designed to cover your cathodic protection wire connections on metal pipe and tanks.

Ci thermOcap PC is designed to adhere without spray primer. Simply peel and stick!

*ISO:9001 certified

  • Thick outer shell designed to resist puncture
  • Folds in plastic allow the cap to conform easier to the pipe
  • Butyl rubber filled dome for added corrosion protection
  • Superior resistance to aging shown through accelerated aging testing
  • Adheres to ductile iron, steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, PVC, PP, PE, FBE powder coating, natural and synthetic rubbers and epoxy
  • Outstanding shelf life
  • Resistant to dry rot and cracking
  • Packaged in boxes of 20 with immediate delivery available
  • Works with exothermic and brazed connections
Ci thermOcap
Ci thermOcap PC 
 Part Number 38-6687-00 38-6687-02
 Dimensions  Overall  4" x 4" (102mm x 102mm)  4" x 4" (102mm x 102mm)
 Dome  1.75" dia. 0.75" tall
 (44.5mm dia. 19mm tall)
 1.75" dia. 0.75" tall
 (44.5mm dia. 19mm tall)
 Elastomeric adhesive  0.125" thick (3.2mm thick)  0.125" thick (3.2mm thick)
 Plastic backing  0.021" thick (0.5mm thick)  0.021" thick (0.05mm thick)


 Primer Required  Yes  No
 Application temperature  35°F to 125°F (2°C to 52°C)  35°F to 150°F (2°C to 66°C)
 Service temperature  -20°F to 225°F (-29°C to 107°C)  -20°F to 180°F (-29°C to 82°C)
 *Adhesion to steel  15 lb/in (26 N/cm)  b/in (26 N/cm)


To be used with 38-6687-00 thermOcaps® only. thermOprime liquid adhesive systems consist of butyl based elastomers blended with polymeric resin dissolved on an organic solvent system. They are non-toxic and non-polluting and conform to local and national standards.

In addition to the excellent adhesion to the pipe substrate and cathodic disbandment resistance, the pipe surface is protected against stress corrosion cracking with industry proven SCC inhibitors.

Approximately 100 Ci thermOcap® applications per cap.

Corrpro supplies a full line of thermOcap. To order the required thermOcap for your structure, indicate that you need thermOcap and specify the quantity desired, type of metal and configuration type.

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