CIPP Wall Thickness Calculator for Gravity Pipes

Fully Partially
Flexural Modulus
Flexural Strength
Mean Pipe Diameter
Mean pipe diameter is required.
Ovality (0 - 10%)
Ovality (0 - 10%) is required.
Acceptable inputs are 0 - 10%
Maximum External Water Head to Invert
Maximum external water head to invert is required.
Flexural Modulus Retention to Account for Long-Term Effects
Safety Factor For Exter Loads
Soil Depth At Top Of Conduit
Soil depth at top of conduit is required.
Soil Density
Live Load
No Live Load Under Highway Under Railroad
Default Soil Modulus

700psi - Depth from 3' to 10'

1000psi - Depth from 10' to 15' or under Highway

1500psi - Depth > 15' or under Railroad


Disclaimer: The information provided by this calculator is intended for illustrative purpose only and should not be relied upon or used for bidding purposes or final design.Aegion and its subsidiaries hereby disclaim any responsibility for the accuracy of this calculator and shall not be liable in any ways for reliance upon this calculator or the results provided by this calculator.



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