Washington DC Dot Repairs Infrastructure

Date:February 2019
Capability:   Structural FRP Reinforcement
Location:United States

The Department of Transportation is responsible for maintaining the heavy highway bridges present in and around the DC area. Many older large bridge structures have 8 lanes or more in each direction. The Department of Transportation has noted that the concrete piers and columns require significant maintenance and repair. Keeping the traffic flow is imperative in this large market and repairing infrastructure can be costly in time and money. Fyfe’s Tyfo® fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) system offers confinement and strength to their pier caps, all while keeping the traffic flow consistent. The concrete was repaired, and the surface was prepared for the FRP system. The Tyfo® Glass FRP SEH-51 system was then installed around the pier caps – providing confinement, strength and protection from the elements of water, UV and wind.

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