Largest UK Lining Project of 2017

Date:November 2017
Market:Municipal Infrastructure Rehabilitation
Capability:   Cured-in-Place Pipe

In 2017, Insituform Technologies, Ltd. successfully installed a total of 345 meters of 1500mm CIPP liner. The installation was accomplished in two separate water inversion installations at 170 meters and 175 meters in length, helping to rehabilitate a failing corrugated steel culvert.

Each liner, weighing roughly 25,500kg was transported to the jobsite. Working from a single manhole, the liners were installed in two opposite directions. The culvert contained multiple intermediate manholes which were lined through. Lining through the intermediate manholes helped to reduce the amount of downtime for the pipelines, with the manholes re-opened and cut post curing. The volume of water used for curing each liner equaled almost 320 cubic meters.

Working closely with the client on design, planning and delivery contributed toward the project being delivered on-time and to budget. The liner was designed as a fully-deteriorated solution, enabling it towithstand all the external loadings from the highway and groundwater and giving the newly rehabilitated culvert a design life exceeding 50 years.

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