Trenchless Used In Wyoming For Water Conveyance Expansion

Date:June 2018
Market:Municipal Infrastructure Rehabilitation
Capability:   New Pipelines
Brand:Underground Solutions
Location:United States

Jamestown is in the southwest corner of Wyoming along Interstate 80 and is adjacent to Green River. Rather than upgrade an aged water treatment plant, the Jamestown-Rio Vista Water and Sewer District determined it would be a better long-term solution to connect to an established system that had available capacity in nearby Green River. Connecting the two systems required the installation of a 600,000-gallon water tank and nearly five miles of 8, 10 and 12-inch pipe. The majority of the pipe was installed using traditional, open trench methodology with bell-and-spigot PVC pressure pipe. However, the alignment included two crossings of the Green River and one section that could not be excavated due to conflicts with existing businesses.

Sunrise Engineering designed the project including the delineation of potential trenchless alternatives for the river crossings and business conflicts. While the geology under the Green River in this area is notorious for solid rock, the city of Green River had successfully drilled underneath it almost a decade ago. Sunrise designed two separate 800-foot crossings utilizing horizontal directional drilling (HDD) methodology. As the alignment worked its way through Jamestown, it followed the alignment of the existing 6-inch PVC waterline that would be abandoned and replaced with a new 10-inch waterline. A 1,200-foot section ran directly adjacent to Highway 374, too close to the highway and businesses to open-cut but ideal for pipe bursting. Finally, there were a few sections of the alignment that required steel casings to cross a Wyoming DOT right-of-way, including a 600-ft long crossing under Interstate 80. These were designed with jack & bore methods.

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