Total Asset Awareness

Date:November 2017
Market:Oil & Gas
Capability:   Pipeline Integrity
Location:United States
cathodic protection

Aegion inspects over 25,000 miles of pipeline each year. The number of miles we survey and the massive amounts of data these activities generate is unmatched in the industry. With 30 years of operational data and offices all over the country, the amount of data we have accumulated is extraordinary. Aegion assembled a team of technologists in 2016 to implement an advanced platform to better manage both legacy and current survey data. This improved management will allow us to better serve our clients. Our goals for the project were simple:

1. Better manage client data through the development of a GIS-based central repository 2. Extract more information from the data we collect through advanced visualizations and analytics 3. Provide faster, secure reporting to our clients

The result is a scalable framework collectively called the Aegion Asset Integrity Management (AIM) platform. This secure platform leverages technology from Esri, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services to provide internal and external services using the data we collect and manage. Initially focusing on corrosion protection, data from close interval surveys (CIS) is being input into the system. A parallel effort for annual cathodic protection surveys will begin in 2017.

ONLINE ACCESS The Asset Integrity Portal, the online component of AIM, provides direct customer access to pipeline integrity information, including a variety of reports, tabular data and geospatial datasets. The portal also features analytical applications that leverage Aegion’s engineering knowledge and expertise and provide a comprehensive set of asset integrity tools, transforming data into information that is used to analyze and solve problems.

The result is better and faster decision-making with increased confidence that resources are being allocated intelligently— where they provide the greatest results.

ANALYTICAL APPS The Asset Integrity Portal framework was established around several analytical apps that our customers can use to interrogate their data. As the platform grows, new special purpose apps will be developed and added to the platform. The first app is FieldLine™ and will be used for select customers in early 2017. Others, including LiveLine™ and ScanLine™, will soon follow to provide additional services and capabilities. FieldLine™ provides quick access to survey inspection data in the form of a job summary or map visualization. Simple search tools help users quickly access data and then output it in a variety of formats for easy loading into other systems.

LiveLine™ provides real-time visualization and streaming analytics for monitored points on a pipeline. With alerts and notifications, users are automatically and continuously kept informed of key metrics at each location.

ScanLine™ provides an interactive charting and analytical tool for viewing current and historical CIS data at specific points along a pipeline segment.

More apps will be coming in the future to provide additional services and capabilities. Customers will not only be able to get to the raw data collected by our surveyors and CP technicians, but will also have access to powerful analytical apps to help them be more efficient in their everyday work.

INVENTIVE NEW WORKFLOWS The AIM technology platform and the Asset Integrity Portal are helping Aegion leverage its world-class engineering and remediation capabilities to create new workflows and improve existing ones. Through this new technology, an automated process was created to analyze potential AC interference on pipelines. Our engineering professionals use this information to create full lifecycle pipeline integrity programs, including corrosion prediction, risk modeling and trend analyses.


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