Tidewater uses Fusible PVC® pipe and trenchless technologies

Date:December 2017
Market:Municipal Infrastructure Rehabilitation
Capability:   Pipeline Rehabilitation Solutions
Brand:Underground Solutions
Location:United States

Delaware, known as "The First State," is well regarded for beautiful beaches, clean rivers, Dover Speedway and the famed Firefly Music Festival, among other attractions. The state has led the northeast in growth over the past decades and most of that growth has come in the southern county of Sussex. Founded in 1964, Tidewater Utilities, Inc. (TUI) was the first private water utility provider in Southern Delaware. TUI was acquired in 1992 by Middlesex Water Company (NASDAQ: MSEX). Together, they have established a standard of service to water customers in Delaware and New Jersey that is second to none. Currently serving over 42,000 homes and businesses as well as Dover Air Force Base, TUI has established itself as a premier water utility in the mid-Atlantic.

Thanks to the famous beaches of the Delaware coast, installing water and sewer lines in the summer months is extremely sensitive when crossing major thoroughfares. The Delaware Department of Transportation, DELDOT, will not allow open-cut across roads in most instances to avoid disrupting tourists and vacationers. Therefore, trenchless solutions, which frequently use horizontal directional drilling (HDD), are necessary when new water and wastewater lines are constructed. Additionally, the DELMARVA Peninsula is full of pristine wetlands and creeks, and crossing these obstacles requires trenchless options to mitigate potential effects to the environment. For its water and wastewater systems, TUI prefers to use PVC pipe for its advantageous cost, durability, installation and maintenance value. When Fusible PVC® pipe, from Underground Solutions, became a viable option for HDD, it was an obvious fit for road, creek and wetlands crossings.

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