Tampa Uses the Tyfo® System to Rehabilitate Pressure Pipeline

Market:Municipal Infrastructure Rehabilitation
Capability:   FRP for Pipelines
Brand:Fibrwrap Construction
Location:United States

Tampa's Harbour Island, located near downtown Tampa, Florida, is an affluent area with waterfront access across the street from the city's convention center. When Tampa recently upsized a large force main, it required a unique solution to fix nearly 400 feet of pressurized pipeline running alongside the Seddon Channel. A high water table, waterfront walkways, brick paver sidewalks and adjacent luxury condos made excavation on the island unfeasible, so Fibrwrap Construction was chosen to use its Tyfo® fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) system to rehabilitate the pipeline.

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Rehabilitation of Harbour Island Force Main: Tampa Uses Tyfo® Carbon Fiber to Rehabilitate Pressure Pipeline

A related paper was given at the 2018 No-Dig Conference in Palm Springs, California.