Industrial CIPP for Pressure Pipe

Date:December 2019
Capability:   Cured-in-Place Pipe
Location:United States
industrial cipp for pressure pipe

Industrial rehabilitation projects require special solutions. A paper plant in the Charleston, South Carolina area had a 42-inch pressure pipeline that had fully deteriorated and required rehabilitation. The original pipe was a series of ductile iron process sewer pipes running approximately 872 linear feet. Holes and voids had become visible, putting the plant's crucial operations at severe risk.

InsituMain® cured-in-place pipe (CIPP), Insituform’s fiber-reinforced, polyurethane-coated CIPP tube with epoxy resin, was selected for the project. This unique project had three 45-degree bends and three 22-degree bends and required a precise installation and quality engineered lining products.



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