Highway 616 Over Highway 2 FRP Repair

Date:February 2019
Market:Civil Structures
Capability:   Structural FRP Reinforcement
Location:United States

The Highway 616 overpass crosses over Highway 2 near Millet, Alberta. Highway 2, the main corridor connecting the cities  of Calgary and Edmonton, is a main thoroughfare for commuters and cargo transportation. A fire ignited under the overpass, damaging multiple sections of previously installed fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) and leaving the structure below its previously designed capacities. Because both Highway 616 and Highway 2 are under the control of the Alberta Ministry of Transportation, all materials and construction plans had to fall under the guidelines held by the Ministry. The Tyfo® system was designed by Fyfe Co. and approved by the Alberta Ministry of Transportation and the engineer of record, Most Engineering Ltd. The FRP materials have been approved by the Alberta Ministry of Transportation on previous installations over the Highway 616 overpass. In this instance, both Tyfo® SCH-41 2X and SEH 51-A materials were designed and installed to confine and protect the concrete repairs done on the columns, girders, pier beams and localized stirrup repair. The girders were also reinforced for shear and flexural reinforcement to replace the previously installed FRP damaged by the fire.

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