City Of Corpus Christi Completes Infrastructure Reconstruction With Fusible PVC® Pipe

Date:January 2017
Market:Municipal Infrastructure Rehabilitation
Capability:   New Pipelines
Brand:Underground Solutions
Location:United States

Corpus Christi is a coastal community located along the southern Gulf Coast of Texas. Its beautiful scenery along Padre Island, access to beaches and pristine fishing spots has led to significant growth over the past two decades. Corpus Christi is currently home to over 325,000 people. The industrial and commercial infrastructure in the area is providing significant pressure for continued expansion.

The city has a busy Capital Improvement and Bond Election Program to maintain and expand its current infrastructure system. Given the extensive nature of the construction, maintaining ingress and egress for the public was a high priority. The city chose to rehabilitate sections of the water and wastewater system to limit above grade disturbance and open-cut construction. Pipe bursting was selected as the installation method for portions of both the water and wastewater lines. Fusible PVC® pipe was the material of choice for the water pipe bursting portion of the project, providing a gasket-less, monolithic pipeline for the trenchless installation. Fusible PVC® pipe has a reduced cross section when compared to other restrained joint PVC options, thereby reducing the required pull forces during pipe bursting operations.

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