Cathodic Protection for Telecom Towers

Date:May 2017
Capability:   Cathodic Protection
CP for telecom

Telecommunication towers around the world allowmillions of wireless service users to communicate. Thesetowers are an essential component in our daily lives – bothpersonally and professionally. The structural integrity ofthese towers is regularly maintained for both operational andsafety reasons. In Canada, the CSA Group (CSA) Standard S37,Antennas, Towers, and Antenna-Supporting Structures, typicallyapplies to the design, manufacture, installation, inspectionand maintenance of these types of towers. Also included inCSA Standard S37 are requirements for corrosion protection.Corrpro has been working with telecommunication companiesfor decades to help ensure integrity of their towers byprotecting below-grade steel, primarily in anchor points,from corrosion.

Typical guy-wire-supported telecommunication towers areapproximately 300 feet tall and require three to six anchor pointsto keep the tower upright. The integrity of these steel anchorpoints must be maintained, in part, through the applicationof effective corrosion control. On many tower sites, cathodicprotection is included as part of an overall corrosion controlprogram. In Alberta alone, Corrpro has installed cathodicprotection systems at over 400 telecommunication tower sites.


In 2017, Corrpro was contracted to conduct cathodicprotection maintenance investigations at a large number oftower sites throughout Alberta. Over 200 tower sites wereinvestigated within a very short time period, with updatesprovided to the client daily. The investigations included soilanalysis, interference investigation, “ON/OFF” potentialsurveys and full analysis reporting.

Along with the investigation, Corrpro was also tasked withremediation of cathodic protection systems at 41 tower sites.This remediation work included test station repairs, brokencable repairs and new groundbed installs. Of the 41 tower sitesrequiring remediation, 29 sites required new groundbeds and12 required repairs.

In alignment with Aegion’s value, RESULTS MATTER, Corrproprovided timely expert services to keep our customer’stelecommunication towers working better, safer and longer.


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