WISE Local Infrastructure Project in Castle Rock

Date:June 2017
Market:Municipal Infrastructure Rehabilitation
Capability:   New Pipelines
Brand:Underground Solutions
Location:United States
fusible PVC

WISE (Water, Infrastructure and SupplyEfficiency) is a Colorado front range regional partnership thatimproves water supply by combining unused capacities in AuroraWater’s Prairie Waters Project with unused water supplies fromDenver Water and the City of Aurora. When excess capacity isavailable, ten Douglas County entities that are part of the SouthMetro Water Supply Authority can buy the unused water to helpreduce their reliance on nonrenewable groundwater. In order for them toutilize the water, the Town of Castle Rock needed to build five miles of a new36-inch waterline.

Castle Rock worked with engineer Burns & McDonnell to implement the project using a "hybrid" PVC pipe pressure method. Fusible PVC® pipe was used for all of the trenchless and restrained-joint pipe in the system. Check out the video to the right or read our case study to learn more.

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Castle Rock

The Town of Castle Rock constructed over five miles of raw water line to the Ray Waterman Treatment Plant. Installation included three horizontal directional drills of 36-inch DR 21 Fusible PVC® pipe, the longest of which spanned 1,700 feet.