Brazosport Water Authority Northern Regional Pipeline Project

Date:October 2018
Market:Municipal Infrastructure Rehabilitation
Capability:   New Pipelines
Brand:Underground Solutions
Location:United States

Rosenberg, Texas is located 28 miles southwest of downtown Houston and is experiencing explosive growth, expectingto double in size over the next 25 years. As a proactive municipality, Rosenberg adopted a Comprehensive Master Plan to address growth head on.

To meet current and future water demand, Rosenberg contracted with the Brazosport Water Authority (BWA)to provide up to 5.7 MGD of potable water. BWA is a wholesale water provider located in Lake Jackson, Texas and services multiple municipal clients. BWA’s stated mission is to “produce and deliver a consistent and reliable supply of quality drinking water to member cities and contracted customers; with the continuous pursuit of employee training, public education and compliance to federal and state mandated requirements.”

The delivery of BWA water to Rosenberg required extensive improvements within BWA’s water transmission system including a 5.7 MGD pump station, a 5.0 MG ground storage reservoir and a 37-mile transmission line. BWA selected CDM Smith as the program manager for planning, design and construction of the system. CDM Smith designed three pipeline segments, the pump station and the reservoir. Asani Consultants and Jones|Carter, as subconsultants, each designed one pipeline segment. Preliminary planning began in early 2014 with designs released for staggered bids during 2017. The transmission line consists of 8 miles of 42-inch pipe, 8 miles of 30-inch pipe and 21 miles of 24-inch pipe and was bid in five separate segments. The pump station and reservoir were combined as one contract. Multiple pipe materials were allowed, however, most of the pipeline was constructed of AWWA C900 PVC with ductile iron being utilized in some sections.

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