Triple 4-Inch Bundle Of Fusible PVC® Conduit Crosses The San Leandro Channel

Capability:   New Pipelines
Brand:Underground Solutions
Location:United States

San Francisco Bay in California is a common collection point for many waterways and delta sloughs throughout California’s Central Valley. Located in the East Bay, the San Leandro Channel is one of these primary waterways. In 2017, facing continued pressure on its network, AT&T looked to install fiber optic lines across the San Leandro Channel to expand its infrastructure.

Crossing rivers, creeks, channels or other waterways with utility pipelines, including conduit, is well suited for horizontal directional drilling (HDD) installation methodology. HDD is generally performed from one location to another, say on either side of a waterway, with only elevation changing as the drill head bores down to a target depth, levels out its path, and then elevates back up until it resurfaces at the target location. After this alignment, or pilot bore path, is established, the borehole is reamed until it is large enough to allow a pipe or conduit to be pulled into place.

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